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6th Grade Reading Workshop

Reading Workshop

When you walk into a KIPP OKC College preparatory classroom, the first thing you notice is how much reading is going on. Our classrooms are packed with books. Scholars "shop" from multi-level libraries in each classroom, participate in rich literature discussions during Read Aloud, and get daily, targeted, small-group instruction during Guided Reading and Phonics. Our scholars also write constantly. They write about books during Guided Reading and Readers' Workshop, they author stories, poems, and informational books during Writers' Workshop, and they write about their world during Science and Social Studies.  Our literacy program is dedicated to our scholars to develop the fluency, comprehension, and motivation students need to be successful readers to leaders. 

Scholars are provided with novels and use them for our classwork and assessments.


Classwork/Homework Policy

Scholars are not assigned homework daily. We complete our lessons and classwork during class time. If our scholar did not complete the assignment during the class period, our scholar is responsible for completing the assignment before the due date. Our lessons are recorded and uploaded daily for scholars to review . I am available for questions until 6pm. 

Recorded lessons are available under the Teacher/Instructor Model Videos section located in our google classroom.



Grades are given for classwork, quizzes and exams. Classwork is divided into five sections DO NOW, instructor model, scholar practice, and exit ticket. Scholars receive grades for the completion and submission of our scholar practice and exit ticket. Feedback is given on all assignments for scholars to improve their reading skills, grade and meet the criteria for success. Scholars are allowed to make up missing work including quizzes and exams. 

All quizzes and exams will take place on Tuesdays from 3:30 - 4:30pm during Reading Workshop Makeup Sessions. 


Late Work Policy

Scholars are allowed to make up missing/incomplete assignments. The cut-off date for making up work is two weeks from the due date. Example: The assignment is due 11/05/2020. The last day to submit the assignment is 11/19/2020.  

If our scholar has not submitted the assignment within those two weeks, the grade will be a zero in the gradebook. Late assignments are graded and updated weekly on Mondays.